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Visual Attention

Recent sample publications

Song, J., Bennett, P., Sekuler, A., & Sun, H. J. (2017). Effect of Apparent Depth in Peripheral Target Detection in Driving under Focused and Divided Attention. Journal of Vision, 17(10), 388-388.

Sekuler, R., Huang, J., Sekuler, A. B., & Bennett, P. J. (2017). Online Modulation of Selective Attention is not Impaired in Healthy Aging. Experimental aging research, 43(3), 217-232.

Jefferies, L. N., Roggeveen, A. B., Enns, J. T., Bennett, P. J., Sekuler, A. B., & Di Lollo, V. (2015). On the time course of attentional focusing in older adults. Psychological research, 79(1), 28-41.

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