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Research Overview

Research in our lab covers a wide range of topics in vision research and cognitive neuroscience - including pattern vision, perceptual organization, face and object perception, visual attention, perceptual learning, motion perception, and the effects of aging on vision. We also conduct collaborative work on visual perception in children, individuals with autism, and individuals with schizophrenia.


Although much of our work uses advanced psychophysical methods to explore and understand visual processing, our students also have opportunities to combine behavioural techniques with eye tracking, and with modern neuroscientific techniques including fMRIEEG/ERP, and TMS.

Students from all levels - undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral - are engaged in research in the lab. Prospective students should contact the VCNLab directors (Patrick Bennett and Allison Sekuler) for more information.


Research in the VCNLab is funded with generous support from NSERC, CIHR, CFI, OIT, McMaster University, and the Canada Research Chair Program. 

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