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Motion Perception

Recent sample publications.


Cali, J., Song, J., Sekuler, A., & Bennett, P. (2016). Dual Task Costs in Surround Motion Integration. Journal of Vision, 16(12), 1025-1025.

Cali, J., Pachai, M., Bennett, P., & Sekuler, A. (2015). Phase Integration Bias Predicts Performance in a Motion Binding Task. Journal of vision, 15(12), 1182-1182.

Lass, J., Bennett, P., Peterson, M., & Sekuler, A. (2015). The effects of motion cues on figure-ground perception across the lifespan. Journal of vision, 15(12), 339-339.

Spencer, J. M., Sekuler, A. B., Bennett, P. J., & Christensen, B. K. (2013). Contribution of coherent motion to the perception of biological motion among persons with schizophrenia. Frontiers in psychology, 4, 507.

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